Frequently Asked Questions



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Can I come to only some of the days?

Unfortunately not. In order to create a sense of family and togetherness we prefer participants to attend the whole event.



Is it suitable for Shabbat observers?

"Avnei Derech" is for everyone. There will also be Pagans, Bedouins, Christians, seculars, and hopefully even more. We all share love and connection to the land regardless of the spiritual path.

This year there won't be an area for Shabbat observers with an "Eruv". 


Is it family friendly?

Most definitely YES! Bring your children, "Avnei Derech" is for everyone. It is important for us to have a multi aged village - infants, children, teenagers, and grandparents.



Are there activities for kids?

Yes, every day we will have an activity (about 2 hours) for the kids.



Where do we sleep?

On the ground, with whatever camping gear you bring (tent, mattress, sleeping bag, etc.). There are rooms for rent for participants who do not want to camp at "Cramim guest house" (about a 25 min. drive away) +972-8-6597111



Are there showers and toilets?

Yes! we have composting toilets and field showers (hot) and even a hot sauna on some of the nights ...



Are there refrigerators?

No. We offer two vegetarian meals a day and recommend bringing non-perishable snacks and supplies (according to your personal needs).



Can I get a discount?

Our price is only intended to cover expenses so we are unable to provide discounts except for children, youth, soldiers, national service, and pensioners.

This year there will be a few scholarships (half the ticket price) for the disadvantaged. For details contact us.



How do you decide on the ticket price?

We believe in sustainability and are striving and working hard for the price to be as low as possible.

The responsibility for the event is divided between a large number of people who work towards the event in a balanced and sustainable way. We have an awesome and wide circle of teachers, helpers and other partners who give their time and energy to the event in the form of actions and not through a financial contribution.

In addition, it is important for us that the event will be sustainable economically and stand on its own without depending on donations or funds.



Do you have a ride share board?

Certainly, a part of the registration process includes the creation of a ride share board which will be published to registered participants before the event.



Is "Yatir" farm in th territories?

No, the farm is located in a charming area between Be'er Sheva and Arad. Even the Israel National Trail passes through the farm :) its exact location will be posted to applicants.



What to bring?

Click here for details



Will it be fun?

What we bring is what we will have!


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