These are "Avnei Derech's" principles:

  (inspired by the Rainbow and Vipassana)


  • "Avnei Derech" takes place thanks to a circle of people who bring their unique gifts and contribute to the wholeness of the gathering.

  • All the participants have an active and significant roll in the physical and spiritual existence of the gathering.

  • The number of participants will be limited to create the atmosphere of a family or a tribe.

  • The participants pay "entry fees" intended to cover the cost. The amount will be as low as possible.

  • Breakfast and dinner will be served during the gathering.

  • An essential part of creating our own reality is that those who take a part in the production or holding the space will act with respect and awareness of their physical and emotional needs and abilities, with joy balance and inclusion, and refrained from stress or over load.

  • We are giving back to the place that holds us by leaving it better than we found it :)

  • The gathering will be held with as many barters and as little money as possible :)

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