Avnei-Derech's vision



Since the beginning of the human race humans lived with the earth like all other living things. What they took was equal to what they gave back, and hand craft skills had a major role in their lives.  Humans lived on all continents of this planet, they are the ancestors of each and every one of us, they are the Milestones of our path.



Today in Israel  there is a growing number of people who engage in these skills and crafts searching for nature connection - the ancient relationship between (wo)man and the land.


The intention of our gathering is to connect people who are (or want to be) engaged in primitive crafts and skills, support building local communities, share knowledge, begin a new way of life for those who want to get closer, to encourage self-sufficiency, nurture deep connection to the land and all living beings, and most importantly celebrate a time of joy for everyone!

We place upmost importance in continuing along these ancient paths, particularly at a time when society and the reality around us become more alienated, selfish and dependent on large organizations that

promote disconnection from land, self and each other.

“Avnei-Derech” is being held by a circle of people who have passion for sharing knowledge of ancient crafts and skills that are practiced by people from around the world.

We aspire to be a network - mycilium that connects all people in this field in Israel.



Our hope is that through ancient crafts, skills and nature connection we will take more responsibility for our actions and the future of our children and grandchildren.


Our goal is to promote primitive skills in Israel:  create a network of information that will connect all people who engage in these spheres - teachers to students, teachers to teachers - and support their blessed doings.


Our dream for the future is: longer gatherings, having teachers from traditional, local cultures (Bedouins, Falach, Ethiopians, Moroccans ....), having two sessions a year, widening the circle of teachers, and more.


We got our inspiration from gatherings in the U.S. Some have been held annually for 27 years.

Here are some pictures:

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