Work trade (Helpers)


As part of creating the change we want to see in the world, we offer an opportunity to work with us in exchange for the entrance fee.


Thank you for wanting to help!

Applications for 2017 gathering will be accepted December 1st-20th

We will let you know whether you are accepted by December 25th



Our expectations

Being a work-trader is both a commitment and a lot of fun!

We are looking for dedicated, hard-working, positive, proactive people who are willing to perform a variety of tasks, and have an open heart and a can-do attitude.

It is important to understand you might not be able to fully participate in the various workshops (except for the preparation
team and the setting & dismantling team)

Through mutual support, we create a time of pleasure, development and inspiration.


As a work-trader you are required to:

  • Be over 18

  • Be fully present

  • Be on time (we will not tolerate any delays)

  • Pay 80 NIS registration fee to ensure your spot by December 31st 2015.


The agreement is estimated at 22 hours in exchange for full participation in the gathering.


If you have any questions please contact us:


There are two helper (work-trader) teams: the kitchen team and camp team.

The camp team is divided into 3 small crews: “Chalutz" - Preparation crew, Setting & dismantlingcrew and Camp crew.



Kitchen team

The team is in charge of the cooking and serving of meals and the cleanliness and order of the kitchen.

Each Helper prepares one meal a day (4-5 hours of work per day, some of which is at the expense of workshops).

The kitchen staff will serve the first meal on Tuesday evening and last meal on Saturday afternoon.

Breakfast shift begins at 5:30 and ends at 9:30 when the kitchen is nice and clean.

Dinner shift starts at 15:00 and ends at 20:00, when the kitchen is clean and creature-proof for the night..

Breakfast shift will allow more workshop time, we expect flexibility and consideration of each other needs.

On Tuesday and Saturday we will all work together on kitchen setup/breakdown and preparing meal (Therefor we wont participate in Saturday's workshops) 


The kitchen team is to arrive on Monday (March 20th) no later than 18:00 and will set up the kitchen area, and leave after dismantling the kitchen area on Saturday after serving lunch.

Please note that some of the work takes place parallel to the workshops.

We ask the kitchen crew to give special attention to personal hygiene so we can all have a joyful and healthy time. Thank you!

Please accept with understanding that we are still learning, so there might be changes or additions to being on the kitchen team.




Camp teams:


1. “Chalutz" - Preparation crew

Prior to the gathering, the “Chalutz” crew is to come to the farm for 3 days March 16th-18th (Thursday-Saturday). Tasks will include the building of structures, preparing of infrastructure and getting everything ready. This crew will work 3 intensive days before the gathering and will therefore be free during the gathering.


2. Setting & dismantling crew

As the name suggests - this crew will work at 2 different times:

Setting - Sunday, March 19th, 6:00 pm to Tuesday March 21st noon

Dismantling - Saturday, March 25th, afternoon to Sunday, March 26nd, evening.

This crew is obligation free during the gathering.

Tasks: setting up camp (workshops compounds, kitchen, bathroom, showers, etc), and KAMOI - Leaving the space better than we found it.

During the gathering this crew is generally free of duties, except unexpected need of help to the camp crew (such rain or wind).


3. Camp crew

Camp crew will arrive on Monday, March 20th, by 19:00 and will finish at the end of the gathering on saturday.

This crew will take care of the upkeep of the camp during the gathering.

Responsibilities: Cleaning and emptying the compost toilets every day, cutting and splitting

wood and anything else needed to make sure all goes smoothly.


It is crucial that people in this crew will be proactive, have the flexibility, openness and wits to see what needs to be done and tend to it, even at the expense of workshops.




Are you up for it?


Yalla (lets do it)!

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