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Sheva Avanim

(seven stones)


 Israeli Primitive Skills Gathering

October  2018


Thank you for your interest in
"Avnei derech"
the Israeli primitive skills gathering.


We have two gatherings:

"Avnei Derech" (Milestones) - our spring equinox gathering

"Sheva Avanim" (Seven Stones) - our fall gathering

friction fire | plant fiber cordage | basket weaving | buckskin | tracking | pottery | nature awareness | felting | wildharvesting | bird language | flint knapping | earthen building | herbal medicine | blacksmithing | and more…

Our hope is that through these skills, we may re-connect with the sacred earth we live on, and positively take more responsibility for our children's future.


Back to earth,

back home

Thank you for walking in the way of the heart

Thank you for living in this time



 Israeli Primitive Skills Gathering

March 19th-24th 2018

Registration will open January 1st 2018 

By Oded Kit

Avnei-Derech 2017

Sheva Avanim

is a new gathering

Born from our participants need and request

to go deeper in the skills.

4 days

14 classes

130 participants -

Each takes one class for the whole time

Hide tanning | Flintknapping | Tracking | Primitive fire  Ethiopian backpack weaving | Story telling

Wood carving |  Baskt weaving | Stools making  

Olive picnic basket weaving | Leather footwear  

Card weaving | Adze and making agriculture tools 

For more details contact us at


Where did it all begin?

Avnei-Derech (Milestones) is a part of a global movement of primitive skills gatherings.

It all began in the U.S.A more than 30 years ago by David Wescott (Backtracks) in a pair of events called: Rabbitstick and Wintercount.



Over the years the movement grew and there are many similar gatherings taking place in the United States, here are some of our favorites:


Acorn - March CA.

Buckeye - May CA.

Saskatoon - September WA.

Between the rivers - May WA.

Sharpening stone - May OR.

Earthnack - June CO.

Echoes in time - July OR

Elements - August CA

All these gatherings are based on the model created by Backtracks, including Avneu-derech. We feel very privileged and grateful to walk this path.

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